Design from planning to living
Technology is a part of everyday life. Whether it's communications, entertainment, comfort, safety or control technology plays a major role. The Ormond Team will work with you to design, install and maintain all your technology.
Let us make technology simple for you!
Home theaters
Home theaters are great for entertaining and bringing the whole family together. Whether your just relaxing after a long day or watching the game with friends and family a home theater is something everyone will enjoy!
Media centers and game rooms
Living rooms are not the only place you see a TV in today's home. Family rooms with a TV mounted over the fireplace mantel, game rooms with a pool table and multiple screens even outside on the deck are all locations you will find people watching TV.
Listen to your favorite CD's, streaming music even vinyl throughout your home!  Control music anywhere from your phone or tablet. Place speakers in any room you like and experience the pleasure of HiFi sound.
Watch your shows, movies and streaming channels on any TV in the house. Listen in surround sound and control everything with your phone, tablet or handheld remote control.
Control all of your lighting, shades/curtains, door locks, gates, garage doors and water features. Custom graphic (even your pictures) interfaces give you complete control from wall mounted touch panels, keypads and smart devices. Making technology simple to use is one of the hallmarks of The Ormond Team.
WiFi and networking
We live in a connected world and a proper network with high speed switching and a robust wifi router is a must. We use only commercial grade componets in our networks. So whether you are watching Netflix*, listening to iTunes*, playing video games over the internet or Skyping your mom you know your getting the best performance you can from the network.
Heating and Air Conditioning control that saves you Money!
Learning thermostats do more than turn on heaters and air conditioners. They build daily schedules and save money by helping lower energy bills. You can view and control these thermostats from your phone or tablet anywhere you have an internet connection. They can even be integrated into you homes automation system.
Burglary, Fire, Gas Detection, Medical Emergencies & More
Today a security system is more than a keypad, door/window sensor, motion detector and a horn. Now there is internet monitoring, cell phone dialing, WiFi interfaces, access control, cloud storage and so much more. The Ormond Team will help create a custom system that fits your needs.
CCTV camera surveillance, video recording & cloud storage
Digital security cameras with digital video recording and cloud storage backup are a great addition to any security system. Being notified anywhere of someone at the front door is more than a luxury, it's a level of comfort many add to their home.
Graphic Design & Website development
Graphic design including logo development, branding, website headers, business cards, brochures, and signage that reinforce your brand and help your business stand out from your competitors.
Professional website development will set your website apart from your competition and express the unique aspects and services that your business provides.